Registering with Cornerstone is easy, however we ask that you provide a resume and Job Search Omahathoroughly complete our application. For specific positions, we will test you for skills related to your background, experience and industry.

Second, we schedule an interview either on the phone or face-to-face, this allows us to better understand you as a candidate and what job you are ideally looking for. During this interview process we’ll discuss your career goals, your background and what environments you are best suited. You finding a long-term fit is our goal, so the more we get to know you and your ideal job, the better opportunity we have of finding the right opportunity for you.

We stick with you throughout the entire process. We schedule all your interviews with clients, help you with interview questions and prepare you to meet with the client. Once a client wants to move forward with an offer, we are there to negotiate any salary and benefits on your behalf. Working with us will provide you with outstanding opportunities, one on one preparation and someone to negotiate on your behalf until an offer is accepted.